My Super Heroes

Miles has a great imagination.
A while back he created a super hero alter-ego, Super Volcano Boy.
(He watched a National Geographic show on volcanoes)
He has hot lava (or "laba" as he says it), fire, and sting powers.
For a while it was a secret we couldn't tell anyone about. But he decided to let the cat out of the bag for Halloween.I used my Red Riding hood cape from last year. Took off the hood, made some alterations, added the "V", and WALLA, a super hero cape!
Miles was made sure to let me know what colors volcanoes are. He was pretty excited!

James loves Superman, but we decided to make him his own super hero identity as well. He likes Superman's ability to blow cold air and freeze the bad guys, so we went with it.
Introducing, Super Cool Boy!

They look a little Super Goofy and Confused in this photo!

Ben and I went out Saturday. Lots of fun. I had a little trouble fitting through doorways with my giant wings though...
Due to a technical glitch I didn't post my little secret yesterday. I didn't forget! Check back this evening, and I'll finally be out with it!!

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  1. Very cute costumes and make up! The boys told me on their last vist about their plans to be super hero`s and the powers they have. But I wasn`t sure if they really were going to dress up as them. What imaginations. Maybe they should start a new super hero comic show.