Funny Little People

The little people in my life have been extra funny lately.
James is obsessed with wearing, "man shirts." Those would be button down shirts in case you didn't know. We restrict him from wearing "man shirts" every day; preschool is a little messy. And if he's wearing a "man shirt," he would like me not to call him James, insists I call him a MAN!
These pictures speak for themselves...(that's a walnut)

Miles told James that he can swim underwater. James, "oh wow, how do you do that?" Miles, "well, I go in the water and try to swim, but I always sink to the bottom. So I swim under water." James, "oh..." And this is true, Miles is in swim lessons, and loves it, but the kid is solid and heavy and has to work extra hard to keep his head up.
I'm planning to FINALLY come out with my new little endeavor on November 1!
Eeeee!!! So excited! Til then mum's the word!

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  1. Love the expression on James face as Miles is eating the walnut.