Finding Retro

I love finding cool retro/vintage goodies at thrift stores and garage sales. But you can only have so much in your house before it starts looking cluttered.
So, I decided to start my own etsy shop!
Introducing Finding Retro!I had been peeking around the vintage sections of etsy and I can find similar items for cheaper prices. I love shopping and finding these items and if I can make a few bucks while having fun, then GREAT!
I only have a few items listed as of today, but will be adding more throughout the week.
I will have housewares, home decor, jewelry, linens, fabric, anything that catches my eye.
Even if you aren't interested in buying, stop by the shop from time to time and take a walk down memory lane.
Or get a new idea for you old item!
That's it, that's the big surprise!
I'll occasionally post new items on the blog when there's something I think you need to see!

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  1. Wow! Hope it works out. You`ll have to keep us informed.