No more excuses! We have a new computer at home and internet!
So I WILL post regularly again!
We went out sledding for the first time this year. Definitely need new sleds, or at least one to fit an adult and child.
Miles had to walk up the hill himself this year, so he only went down a handful of times. Apparently it's a lot of work to climb the hill!

They also had a great time playing on the playground equipment. There was a thick coating of ice on the slides, so they flew down fast and landed in puffs of powdery snow.
Unfortunately, they both have low grade temps tonight, Miles has a headache, otherwise to other symptoms. Blah! They have a week to get better, then we're off to celebrate Christmas with Ben's family!


  1. you have that much snow already? jealous! :)

  2. You do know that it is Martig tradition for someONE or more to have the flu at Christmas, don't you?!?! One year we HAD to gather so we could do the infamous family picture taken by Grandpa R on a timer so he could run and get in the picture too - Bob came to our house looking pale as he had been sick all day, Gregg left looking pale and carrying a bucket! But we got the picture - and a gem it is!!! Hope everyone is better and you break that Martig tradition!