Super Model

I can honestly say, I had no hand in the posing of these photos.
They're ALL James.
I just sat down and snapped the pictures.He's cute. But this kid swings like a door.
And is by far the most stubborn person I know.
It's genetic, I'm stubborn and bull-headed as well. But he beats me every time.
It's definitely typical 3 year old stuff. He absolutely does not want to do anything we ask him to.
Reverse psychology works on some occasions, and is actually a lot of fun.
Other times, he's just plain crabby, won't talk, just whines, screams, kicks...
...yep, good times.

I've tried the Love and Logic approach. Not getting upset, putting him in his room for time out, with the door shut usually. But he will scream for HOURS. At some point we need to move on with our lives.
I didn't mention the back talk!
He mimics while we're talking, or will yell our words back at us.
Uh-huh. I've reverted to soap in the mouth. He's not a fan of that.
He's gotten in trouble at daycare/preschool for talking back and not listening.
And recently gave his Grandma a hard time when visiting for the weekend.

So, I've tried time out, Love and Logic (works great on miles), even spanked him under more extreme circumstances (not a favorite).
Any advice??? I'm open for opinions!
I have noticed a little difference since I've been making time to give him a couple hours of 1-on-1 time each week. We've had some wonderful days!

This kid can be tough, but he's also pretty awesome. I respect his stubbornness, to a degree. It's important to have an opinion and strong feelings, but really?! Why is it a surprise EVERY morning that you have to get dressed?!?

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