Where've ya been??

So much has happened since February.
My camera had broken and it was going to cost more than its' worth to fix. And prior to that our laptop had hit the dust, so I was using my work laptop to continue blogging when I had time at home. My job at the time was sucking the life out of me. Seriously. I was working almost 50 hours/week, and it was stressful work. I was loosing weight (not the right way), having a ton of stomach pain, sleeping whenever I could and not eating. Ended up with ulcers. We decided my job was not worth the stress and strain on my health. I interviewed and was offered a position at the clinic in town with the OB/GYN. I had to take a huge pay cut, but my health and sanity were well worth it. I was so excited to get back to OB! Lovely clinic hours, plus I have Monday mornings and Friday afternoons off, very nice. Of course I then had no computer at home.
Our other stressor at the time was selling our house back in Blue Earth. We had been trying to sell it for almost 2 years, and were living and paying rent in another town. Things had a wonderful way of working out, because within 2 weeks of my new job we got an offer on our house! And have sold it!! WAHOO!!
So since then, I've been enjoying my family, friends, health, and my new job.
Time certainly doesn't stand still.
Miles turned 5 in August. We decided to wait 1 more year until kindergarten. But he's already started reading Bob Books, and loves math. He thought he was pretty hot stuff when he realized 1 plus any number equals the next number. He is a very sweet and helpful boy. And getting tall!
James turned 3 in March, and I'm telling you, age 2 has nothing on 3! This kid has inherited his mother's stubbornness on top of it. Don't get me wrong, he is VERY charming. Quite a ladies man. Really, he was hitting on teenage girls at the pool this summer. But we have had quite the battles lately. More on that at another time. I'm sure I'll be asking for advice.
Ben and I have had some wonderful weekends away. I am blessed to have a husband that likes to shop. We've been working on the yard and house. And he is very supportive in my newest endeavor, to be announced in a month. So excited. I am REALLY bad at keeping secrets, so if I can manage not to spill the beans early I think there will be a lot of amazed people.
WHOA! I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you!
I got a new camera!! A beautiful Canon Rebel T1i, with a Tamron lens. I'm still learning about it, and need to learn more on editing. But it is really, well, it makes me tear up with happiness.

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  1. Glad your back to blogging and excited. Can`t wait to hear about your latest endeavor....I think you`ve done a wonder job of keeping the secret.... I haven`t a clue...also glad Ben`s supportive. :) Hugs