November Randomness

Just some random photos from November... Here's James all "clean" after supper. Like the face. Seriously we can not keep up after these two. Yesterday I found a little chicken drumstick bone in the cupboard next to the cereal. And greasy fingerprints on the computer. I have to say I was not home for supper last night, so this was not under my supervision...
A rare photo of Ben and I. And yes, this was in November... at the park!!

Sweet Miles.

...and an innocent looking James...

See his cheek? That started a a tiny scratch from his daycare girlfriend. But he won't stop picking it. So it's last over 2 months now. I've tried putting a band aid on it or distracting him, I don't know what else to do. It'll be a scar for sure now...
There'll be many more, I know.

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