Sewing Bits

So a few weeks ago, I had a VERY productive sewing weekend with Kristina.
I made this lovely in a day!
I can't get enough of Wonderland by MoMo!
And the pattern from Atkinson Designs, Picture This, out of the Happy Hour book.I've been holding on to some Heather Bailey fabric for some time and finally became courageous enough to use it. Not only that I just winged it to make this little tote!

And I took a class at my local quilt shop to make this fun little apron (finished it on our sewing retreat).

I also completed another project, but it's a secret for now!!


  1. Gee.... I hope that little secret is going to be a Christmas gift for me. :)


  2. I love that quilt! Where did you get the pattern from? I love the colours!

  3. I love your sewing items! I cannot sew, wish I could. I'd love to make a quilt from my kids old clothes...

    Thank you for your comments on my H1N1 posts. I am not in the health care profession, I try to gather info from both sides to decide what is best for my family. I have not posted on 'the other side' because we get that from the TV every day. I really struggle with the safety and necessity of the H1N1 vaccine for my children and myself. I struggle with all of the news hype, is it all true? Are they labeling too many people with H1N1, thus blowing it out of proportion? My children don't have asthma, immune disorders or any other special needs, am I wrong not to vaccinate them? I don't know. But I feel the news has given only one side. I am not anti all vaccines. But I don't want to unnecessarily put things into my children's body that I don't need to. How do you as a RN see it?

  4. That quilt is the best use of MoMo I've seen yet!