Slow Christmas

In past decorating was completed in a day or two. This year we're moving a little slow.
Tuesday the Christmas tree was set up.
Wednesday we took a break.
Thursday 4 ornaments made it on the tree, a tree skirt was added, and the mantle was decorated.
Friday we took a break.
Today I wrapped some presents and packed away the rest of the fall decor.
I love that it looks like the boys are laughing at the Christmas balls!

At this rate we'll complete decorating just in time to take it down!

The day after Thanksgiving we went downtown Minneapolis to the Macy's, Day in the Life of an Elf. The boys walked through in awe! James was a little scared of the reindeer trying to get out of the barn and Miles started crying when we got in line to meet Santa. He was upset because he didn't see the elves making any fire trucks! Didn't know he was being that observant! So we explained if he asked Santa then the elves would make one for him.
Miles asked for, "4 things. A cup, and a matching bowl." I could hardly hold in my laughter, I don't think Santa heard that one yet. And, "a firetruck and ambulance so I don't have to share with my brother." At least he's honest!
James asked for a teddy bear. Miles suggested something else, but James just wants a bear!

They "wrote/drew" letters for Santa, donated some money to Make a Wish, and surprisingly didn't ask for a thing from the gift shop or cookie counter. I was stunned!

I'll post a photo of the tree once we add a few more ornaments... maybe around New Years!

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