Sir Miles and the Wingless Dragon

The boys got it this year!
Last year we went to 3 houses. They strongly believed they should eat the candy as they go.
This year, collecting the candy was okay!So, Miles was a knight, and James was a dragon.
Miles pointed out, James didn't have any wings, so he wasn't a dragon. SHHHH! Don't tell him that! Could have made for some interesting last minute wings!

I think it's time to start Miles on chores. He loves to help, any suggestions on what a 4 year old should do around the house? So far I'm thinking, setting and clearing the table, vacuuming (although this one will upset James, he likes to play with it). What else??

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  1. The Halloween pictures turned out nice.
    I think your idea of Miles clearing the table is a good one. How about after clothes are washed and folded having him put them into the correct rooms? Or sort socks. Also it`s about time for another picture of Carver.
    How big he he getting?