So, I've been having a rough week. I'll leave it at that!
But there have been some very sweet things happening, that are turning it all around!
Yesterday when I stopped for coffee, I was told it was already paid for.
I received a business card for auto body repair, but it started my day off nicely.
Then Miles brought home a flower from his field trip to the grocery store.
Flowers always make me smile!
I've also had 2 great evenings playing with the kids!
This morning both my boys begged to stay with Mommy! And have been extra cuddly lately! Loving it!
Then after staying late at work, I came home to this!
I know a rug...
But this rug and floor is was covered in muddy shoe and paw prints. In the summer it was sand. A never ending battle! But 3 guys worked hard cleaning it!
And on the table was a perfect fall plant!
Did I mention flowers make me smile??
And finally I found this on the counter!
Pecan pie is my favorite!
So my week is turning around.
I'm working on a better attitude, reevaluating what matters, and trying to focusing on what I love!
Thanks for the pick me up!


  1. ohhh...that is all so sweet! they love you lots!

  2. Hey sweet thing, where you been lately?