We headed to my parents' house this weekend. The boys spent the whole weekend outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. Miles' birthday is Wednesday so there were presents and a VERY happy birthday boy!
James made out quite well too! One of things Miles wanted for his birthday was a present for James, that way he wouldn't have to share his.

The boys follow Grandpa Paul all over! This time out to the island for some cattails...

...but of course being boys they became weapons and were either broken or confiscated.
A little story (unrelated to the weekend)
- Miles had an appointment in Sioux Falls about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Of course I needed to take advantage of the shopping available, so we headed out early. We ended up stopping in Victoria's Secret and Miles exclaimed loudly, "It's beautiful in here!!" Much better than the kid that was pulling a bra on over his head!

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