Studio Tour! (this is just embarassing)

Okay, I really was hoping to get it together to do this studio blog tour, but our guest room (also my crafty room) has turned into the dumping ground as we've unpacked!
It will be wonderful... someday!
I love baskets, so this one is filled with scrapping and quilting magazines!
The only thing looking somewhat civilized in this room!

Believe it or not this is the closet in our guest room!!
It's HUGE! So I'll be able to hide away all my goodies!!

More of the closet! Seriously, I can't wait to get things out and organized!
I'm a little sickly like that!!

Oh, the poor bed! The queen sized box spring would not fit up the stairs so for now, it's a mattress, and not a made bed!! I told you this was embarrassing! I will redeem myself! Just look at the done rooms!

I also plan to use this drop leaf table (leaves up) as my sewing table, we'll see how it works.

a. What do you use your space for? Well, to be honest right now it's dumping ground due to our recent move. But I will be using it to sew and scrapbook! First up are curtains for the kitchen, then curtains for James' room.
b. What is your favorite thing about your space? The huge closet. There's really enough room for me work in there if I want. I love that I will be able to see all my lovely fabrics instead of having them stashed here and there!
c. What struggles do you have with your space? Hmmm, right now my biggest struggle is finding some time to unpack it!!
d. When do you use your space? I hope to use my space 2-3x/week, we'll see about that! And of course since it doubles as our guest room it'll get used plenty with visitors!
e. Share an organizational technique that works for you. I like to see what I have, so things aren't forgotten, so I prefer to see all my fabric or paper when working.


  1. It will be very nice when you get all of your things unpacked and put away.

  2. Wow. That closet is as big as most sewing rooms!!!
    Beautiful space.

  3. hey chica!

    Your house is GREAT! So good to see pics:) I LOVE your craft room, so roomy--you deserve it!! Talk to you soon! hugs!

  4. very nice! i'm envious your room!! can't wait to see it in "real-life"!!