Swing Batter Batter!

Miles has been asking for Better Batter Baseball for his birthday, or "batter batter baseball" as he calls it.On Sunday he got it from my parents.

Here he's a righty...

...and here a lefty.

Another of Miles' gifts that James liked!
Seriously, this picture is just a bit creepy!

Not sure if I've mentioned how much James likes to talk on the phone. He talks and talks, and paces while doing it. I believe that is learned from watching me.

Unfortunately, when the little guy gets talking, he's not so easy to understand, eventually starts pointing and naming everything around him, and ends with button pushing. But he likes it, and if he believes it's his turn to talk, he will scream until he gets the phone, or carried off to his room.

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  1. looks like he's loving his new gift!! yeah...i would keep 'real' chainsaws away from your youngest!! hahaha