4 years ago...

Four years ago today I was on my 3rd induction attempt. The doctor made a comment about believing this guy was going to be 10 lbs!

After ANOTHER long day, and only 3cm for all that work, it was decided a c-section was the way to go. My sweet Miles was 9lbs. 6oz. and AMAZING!

This guy made us work for it... every evening (about when Ben came home from work) he'd start a good 1-3 hours of crying, fussing joy. I found myself going on a lot of walks to get him to nap, but this one didn't want to miss a thing!

When James was born he was NOT interested. Until the noisy little thing started standing and walking, then Miles noticed, and wasn't too happy.

But now this big guy has a best friend.

He loves to kiss him mommy and read with his daddy.

He likes to snuggle with his Grandmas and work with his Grandpas.

He's always checking out how things work.

He loves being outside (even in the winter).

And is turning into a very generous little boy.

I was snuggling with Miles last week and said, "Miles, I can't believe you're going to be 4 years old already!! I think you should stay little!" Miles quickly said, "well, I eat a lot of food, so I'm getting pretty big!" And I suggested, "maybe we shouldn't feed you so much anymore." VERY concerned he replied, "Mommy, I would get hungry... but James is little so you can snuggle him when I get too big."

"Oh Miles, you'll never get to big to snuggle with your Mommy!"

This birthday thing is already getting hard! I have no idea what I'll do at 16 and 18!!!

Happy Birthday Miles!


  1. cute, cute pics. What a sweet little man:) Happy Bday to miles!

  2. He sure is turning out to be a wonderful child.

  3. Too bad we can't invent a serum to keep kids snall, just the age we love them at.....