Miles' Birthday Week

I had to show a photo of Miles' birthday cake. It was dirt cake... actually more of a pudding consistency, but yummy none the less!!The next day Miles and I took off to Sioux Falls. We stayed at the Ramada, which has a great pool with a pirate ship!
The next morning we were up early for Miles' upper endoscopy.
Waiting in downstairs with Alex the Cat.He had his own room up on peds, a fishy gown (wasn't too fond of that), and watched Disney until they came to get him.
Everything went really well. I was able to go down to the OR with him until he went to sleep with gas, then they started his IV, did the scope and took a couple biopsies. I meet him on his way back up to his room. The photo below is after.

No tears... until we were leaving and I had to take off the 3 stickers on his chest. As we were walking out of the room he asked, "aren't they going to put the camera down my throat?"

Miles is still on reflux medication and has started another medicine for gastritis. This will hopefully resolved the reflux and get him off medicine soon!

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