Favorite Childrens Books

Right, we have a pretty great library of children's books! We (alright maybe, I) seriously seem to go overboard on certain things. But really, can you ever have enough good books? And my kids love them hard (as you can tell by the photos). These are a few of our favorites...
The Little Engine That Could
~ just a classic I picked up when Miles went through a "I can't" stage.
Tip Tip Dig Dig
~ an easy book for kids to memorize and read along.
Llama Llama Red Pajama
~ we have two llama books and they are adorable and fun to read!
Mommy in My Pocket
~ This one is about going to school and missing mom, but we used it when Miles was having a hard time starting a new daycare.
Where's the Poop?
~ I'm pretty sure the staff at Barnes and Noble were ready to call security on me. I was laughing so hard reading this one in the store. It's a bit disgusting, a lift the flap and find the animal poo book but if you have kids, it's funny.
Little Hoot
~ Quite a cute twist on not wanting to go to bed...
I Love You Through and Through
~ a great book for learning body parts and how they work while loving on your little one.
The Belly Button Book
~ Sandra Boyton books are always fun to read!
You Are Special
~ I highly recommend this one for any age!! The story is a great one- a must have (enough said).
Moo Baa LaLaLa
~ another great rhyming Boyton book!
My Truck is Stuck!
~ a favorite of my boys!! James has this one memorized and reads it to himself!

You can never read enough to your kids. I hope they continue to love reading as much as I do!!


  1. oh, so cute...books are great! i love how you created these photos!

  2. Great post. We love books too! We have a lot of the ones you mentioned, but some we will be checking out or buying to add to our collection. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Out of all our 2 million books, I do not have a single one of these. Great selection.