Whoa, too much energy!

There are so many things going on, so much I'd like to do, just not enough hours in the day!!
The ever creative Kristina is going to be teaching some lucky people how to make these cuties!
I SO wish I lived closer so I could attend!!
If anyone lives in near the Twin Cities check out this store and sign up for some classes!!
I would LOVE to create a boy version of this!! Plus the little monster are adorable!

Honestly, people who can whip out quilts are amazing! These are so beautiful! Can you tell I have a crafty itch that needs scratching!

Meanwhile, maybe you can get a giggle from these photos!
Why is it the 3 1/2 year old looks like this after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

And the almost 2 year old stays clean?

I also thought I was due to post some pics of Carver! He's growing quickly! This was the best shot I could get. Here's a couple of my other attempts...

He really wasn't interested in posing for photos.

Uh huh!
A few other things...
Little James will be moving on to a big boy next weekend when he turns 2!! We've been talking to him about it, which he is VERY excited about. So tonight when we rearranged Miles' room, he thought Miles' bed was his new bed. Oh boy, the tantrum was earth shattering! So I introduced him to his new quilt and that calmed him down enough to hear us explain his bed was coming soon. At least we don't have to worry about him not wanting the new bed!!
And finally Miles' nightmare!!
Last week he woke up a couple of times crying. The next morning Ben asked him if he remembered his dream.
Miles: "There was a giant camel and a giant cat."
Ben: "A giant camel and a giant cat?"
Miles: "Yes, and they were calling me cookie."
Ben "Did they want to eat you?"
Miles: "Yes, and I hid in the bathtub."
I think we would have woken up scared a few times too!


  1. goodness, gracious little miles must have enjoyed his sandwich!! love the attempted photos of carver!!

  2. A giant camel and a giant cat making him eat cookies! The things that they think of when they are sleeping amazes me! Or course I had a dream that I got a brand new 2010 semi truck for a replacement to my car the other night.... that was scary!