Happy Birthday Sweet James!

Well, my baby turned 2 today!
We had a little party with the Grandparents and Ben's cousin, Jason.
Before supper, he climbed into his chair and just smiled at his presents...

And he finally got his big boy bed! He slept there for a nap and bedtime with no problem!

Food is always a hit with James, so of course cake made him happy!!
A Blue's Clues cake!!

He did VERY well sharing all his new toys with Miles.

My little ducky guy! This towel is the only way to avoid an ear piercing scream when bath time ends. He runs around quacking!!

Super cheesy bathtub smile!

I know this is only the beginning of feeling like the boys are growing too fast, and I'll say it a million times...
...it seems like yesterday he was a little "blob" on the floor and I was watching Miles so closely afraid he would accidentally fall on him! And anxious for the day they would play together! And they finally do!!


  1. Happy Birthday, little James!!! Adorable photos!! looks like you guys had lots of fun!!

  2. He's so cute in the duck towel! Looks like a fun party :)