Diaper Cake!

My sweet friend Ana will be having her first baby soon, and this past weekend we had a little baby shower for her. I've seen photos of diaper cakes, but thought it'd be fun to attempt one!

So I did a little research. I used rubber bands to secure the rolled diapers.

A simple platter and a bottle of champagne (for mom and dad to toast to the new baby once he's arrived).

I used a giant rubber band to hold the diapers in place around the bottle.

The bottom and second layers were size 1 diapers, the top were newborn. I'm sure you can use all of one or the other though!

I found some 4 inch wide satin ribbon to wrap around each layer which I secured with pins.

I tried hiding the diapers completely with paper between the layers (you can see that didn't work too well). And my husband said, "it's a diaper cake... aren't you supposed to SEE the diapers??" Hmmm, yea, okay.

So I removed the paper, added the bright green polka dot ribbon, and topped it off with a baby teething toy.
Both boys were pretty excited. Miles thought it looked "yummy" until he found out it was made out of diapers. And James really wanted the toy on the top.
*Update~ James' ear surgery went well! The doctor came out and told us everything went well just 10 minutes after they took him back! So a VERY quick procedure! He had a quiet wake up, and by supper time was banging on pots and pans again! So no sound sensitivity! We got them done just in time for his doctor to go on maternity leave!! He'll have a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks to check the tubes. I'll also be scheduling an audiology consult to check his hearing again. I have a ton of questions about his speech... where he should be, what sounds he's missing, what exercises I can do with him to help...


  1. That turned out really well!!! When is Ana due? I LOVE the green polka dot ribbon...you can NEVER have too many diapers:)

  2. Cute cake! I've seen similar, but none with a wine bottle in the center. Great idea :)

  3. I have never heard of this idea! You are so crafty! I love-love it.

  4. the diaper cake was absolutely adorable!! thank you so much for all the work you put into the shower...it was great!!! i agree with miles...it did look yummy!!

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    Love... Hot Belly Mama