Photography by Ben

Ben took the following photos... Miles was talking to Grandma Mary...

...very serious business!

I'm home today with a sick Miles. He was complaining of a stomach ache last night and has a fever. This morning he was laying on the sofa moaning!! Poor guy! (This photo was taken about a week ago... I don't want whatever he's got!!)

He's finally sitting up, his fever has gone down, and he had a snack, so I'm hoping for a good night tonight!!

Other than this recent little stomach bug we've been doing well!
James had another hearing screen and PASSED!! Yippee! They said it can take about 3 months for him to learn the sounds he had been missing. We've already noticed a huge improvement with his speech.

And not so little Carver is now undergoing "intensive" leash training. He's already starting to pull the leash during walks, so I tried a gentle leader for the first time yesterday. He is not a fan! He worked very hard trying to get it off, then went crazy when we attempted to walk around the house. True to his breed, he's bull headed! Stubborn to the core, it's going to take work!
I have a crafty weekend coming up in April so I'll be sure to post my creations! I have goals set, so stay tuned!!
And I'm so excited for Ana's baby to arrive!! Sounds like he'll be making his arrival VERY soon!!

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  1. Those photos are super cute...keepers for sure!! you have to put those in frames!!

    Hope you start feeling better soon, Miles!