Well enough and Warm enough!

The boys were finally well enough to play outside for a little while today!
And thankfully is was warm enough as well!
Miles' appetite is back! I'm not sure how much weight he lost, but his jeans got pretty loose! Almost 2 weeks of picking at food, 5 days of an upset stomach, and 3 days of fever!!

But he's just announced that his tummy is growling and he's REALLY hungry for supper! YIPPEE!

James only had 2 days of fever, and about a week of not much food...

He's also battleing a runny nose. He even got weepy, mattery eyes, which would have resulted in an ear infection also, but I haven't noticed any drainage. I LOVE those tubes!

We are looking forward to some warmer spring weather!!
And I'm looking forward to weekend retreat! I plan on finally finishing Miles' quilt, making James a little blanket, and a whole lot of scrapbooking!

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