Finally Some Warmer Weather!!

We finally got some warmer weather and the boys were able to go outside!!
I know it's blurry, but it's also priceless! It's a true boy photo... a dirt booger!!

I have a feeling we'll spend tons of time outside!

Carver is NOT an outdoor loving dog yet. He LOVES his kennel (in the house). I thought he might like the warmer day, but not so much. He is getting bigger!!

It's pretty muddy yet, so the boys had boots on. Miles was pretending to go sledding, he says he LOVES when it's cold outside. I believe he has a future in Alaska!

Like those Arizona tees? Grandpa Bob and Grandma Louise brought them back from their month there. Sadly they have decided to spend 3 months there next year. They purchased a trailer. I'm not sure what we'll do without them!!
And seriously, could these guys smile a little harder??

This guy is not easy to get photos of. He seems to go completely deaf when I attempt to get him to look my way!

Poor Miles wasn't feeling to hot Sunday evening. It may be the first time he's refuse a cheeseburger! He said he had a cut in his tummy. And a little fever. But is better today!

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  1. Super cute photos of the boys! Love the last couple...