Tubes, teething, and play

James went to see the ENT on Friday. Before we was her, the audiologist came in...
...first he used a machine to test his eardrum (I believe it blows air into his ears, then measures then movement), no movement means fluid behind it. So of course James' were flat. Then he put us in a sound proof box and did a hearing screen. I always wondered how they tested kids' hearing! So there was a speaker in each corner with a little pig on top. Every time James respond to the sound the pig would shake a bell as a reward. So we quickly learned James isn't hearing well. Similar to how we would hear if we had foam earplugs in our ears.
I feel so bad! I knew he wasn't hearing well when he had ear infections, but he doesn't have an ear infection right now, just fluid in the ear. The ENT looked at his history and thinks he's probably had fluid in them since his first ear infection (Nov 2007). No wonder his speech is so unclear! So James is scheduled to get ear tubes on Tuesday morning. I'm floored! I thought I was going to have to fight to get them, then have to wait weeks, so this was much quicker than anticipated!
Now I'm nervous, first for no eating or drinking after midnight before the surgery (James wakes up requesting juice, he is NOT going to be happy Tuesday morning), then his hearing sensitivity after the surgery (neither James or Miles are quite kids, so there will be tears). I feel pretty confident the surgery itself will go well. It only lasts 5-10 minutes.
The boys have quickly learned how they can play with the puppy. And it's not like this photo. Carver is teething and VERY willing to mouth anything/anybody.

Except when he's wearing his sweatshirt!! He gets cold outside. He's only outside to go potty, but he's shivering by the time he comes in. Lately he actually stays in his kennel to try to avoid going out!


  1. Poor little James. I hope everything goes well.

    I love that you dress up your dog in camo!!

  2. good luck with James' surgery, hopefully this will clear everything up for good. Carver is the CUTEST...I love how big his paws are:)

  3. poor little guy...glad his surgery went well! can't wait to see you all this weekend!! especially your new little addition!!