A New Little Martig

Guess What!!!!!!

We have a new addition to the Martig family!

Meet Carver...

Carver is a 7 week old, Olde English Bulldogg, that came to us this Valentine's Day.

Miles picked the name, here's how that came about...

Day 1

Miles: Daddy, I'm going to name my puppy The Woodcarver.

Daddy: Miles, we're not getting a puppy.

Mommy: The Woodcarver?? Oh, you mean if you had a puppy you'd name him Eli, like Eli the woodcarver in your book?

Miles: No Mommy, The Woodcarver.

Day 2

Miles: Daddy, I want a puppy.

Daddy: How about a pig?

Miles: Pigs are stinky.

Daddy: Dogs are stinky too.

Miles: No Daddy, you can give them a bath!

Mommy: What would you name a puppy?

Miles: Ummm, ablfambl (some random random sound).

Daddy: That's a hard name to say.

Miles: (after pondering a while) Oh, how about The Woodcarver?

Mommy: That kind of a long name for a little puppy.

Miles: Oh... well how about Carver?

Daddy and Mommy: Hmmm...

Valentine's Day

(after pick-up in the car)

Daddy: How about, Felix?

Miles: No Daddy, his name is Carver! Carver Robert Martig.

Mommy: How about Flash?

Miles: No Mommy!!!! He's Carver... Carver Robert Martig!!!

and it's been Carver ever since (which has only been one night)

Carver has had an incredibly smooth transition so far. He slept most of the ride home, went potty outside before we brought him in the house, and even Squeak seemed friendly.
Although we quickly realized it wasn't Carver that Squeak was interested in, it was his food. They sniffed each other, but Squeak eventually made his way over to the dog food, and when the puppy tried to sniff him again, the cat took a swipe at him (he's declawed), and scared poor Carver pretty good.

Last night Carver went potty outside before we went to bed, we all slept until 3:00 am (when my alarm went off to let Carver out), he pottied again, outside, even pooed (4 times!!), then went back to sleep until 7:15, when I got up to take him out again.

He loves his crate. Came out this morning to eat and play for a while, and is napping again. Squeak doesn't seem too bothered by him, but the puppy hasn't shown any interest in him, yet. I have a feeling Squeak will enjoy having the boys' attention elsewhere.


  1. Oh...so cute!! Love the conversations Miles was having with you guys!! Can't wait to meet Carver in a couple of weeks!

  2. He's adorable! How did you decide on an English Bulldog? Very cute converstaion :)

  3. Now I know why we haven`t heard from you this weekend. Carver must have been keeping you all very busy. He sure is cute. :)

  4. Oh! They are going to have so much fun with him! Little Carver looks small next to the boys!

  5. Congrats on the new addition - he's a cutie! :)

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