It's photos/times like these that help me forget the tantrums that have been frequenting our house...
Miles had a Valentine's Day party at school yesterday.

He is becoming quite the big boy!

Seriously, you can't look at this photo and not smile!!

I really think he has that ROCK STAR look!

James has become choosy about which hat and scarf he wears.
I believe this was his "dress rehearsal" because ever since this day he picks a new hat to wear to daycare.

Yesterday he wore a baseball hat. Not very practical for keeping ears warm, but it was a warmer day.

He's also a Mr. PotatoHead fan. He even tried on one of his noses!

1 comment:

  1. Miles = adorable!
    James' new nose = a little awkward, but funny!
    Rockstar = the next american idol?