Well, I had BIG productive plans for today, then last night Miles said his throat was hurting. This from the boy that gets sick once/ year. So I took a peek and sure enough, red!
This morning I asked how he was feeling and he said better...
...off to daycare. As soon as I got his coat off he clung to me and started crying. Huh? Not at all like him. Then he told me he wanted a nap!!!!
An hour after he woke up!
So, is he sick?

Or enjoying a day with mom??

On another note, I took a few photos of some of my favorite Christmas decorations!
This little snowman had me laughing to the point of tears when I bought him a few years ago.
The ladies at the store probably thought I was insane, but I still get a giggle and think he looks like my cold despising husband!

My Grandma's old red skates hang on the door...

And my first ornament from Miles. Well, from daycare, of his hand print. I also have one of James' hand print.

And finally, I did manage to scratch one thing off my list of things to do today!
Finish hanging these shatter-proof bulbs.
Our rental has this header that runs in the middle of our vaulted ceiling, so bulbs, ribbon, and push pins, and wa-la!

Miles' face after his nap was great. He truly loves all the decorations. He suggested we buy more and hang them all over the ceilings in every room. I can only imagine what his house will look like someday on Christmas!


  1. ohhhh....your home looks so nice!

  2. snowman comment = not funny

  3. strap those skates on and go skating. Looks great. I do miss you dear.........