Just a Boy.

I find myself often forgetting that Miles is only three years old.
He's a bit taller than the average three year old, and is quite the little helper.
And he can do so much for himself already. He handled Ben living away from us for 2 months great. Our move even better. Starting preschool, he LOVES it!
But in the past 2-3 weeks I've been reminded that he's still just a boy.
He started going to daycare 2 1/2 weeks ago and I think this recent change has finally thrown him over. All the changes of the past 5 months are starting to wear on him.
My happy, carefree little guy has been crying at daycare drop offs, CLINGING to me, telling me he wants to stay with me. Waking up 2+ times per night crying. Breaking my heart!!
So after a week of not knowing what to do, and many questions about why he didn't want to go to daycare, it's become clear there's just too much change happening.
So, we've started focusing on the positive. I always ask him what he did that was fun at daycare, what was his favorite part of the day.
And he has this cute book, "Mommy in My Pocket." It's about a little bunny going to school for the first time, and how she would like her mommy to be small enough to fit in her pocket so she could take her school. So with just a few changes we made it work for daycare.
I also sent him today with a special note.
I love you.
With a smiley face of me.
He got quite a kick out of it, and put it in his pocket. I told him if he got sad or missed me, he could take the note out and look at it.
So at drop off there were no tears, just a sad face. And at pick up the note was in his cubby. He told me he got a little sad and when he looked at the note it made him smile. YIPPEE!
And tonight we used some special keep-the-scary-things-away-spray (body spray) before bed. I'm up late tonight after 3 night shifts at the hospital and haven't heard from him yet!
Does anyone else out in the bloggy-world have any advice?


  1. love those ideas for making him feel more comfortable at daycare...he's quite the special little guy!

  2. Those are great ideas Liz! It'll just take some time, I used to let Cole look at books by himself after we read at night. Only about 5 minutes but he got used to the sounds in his room, outside and me cleaning. He got used to the noises with his lights on, but in bed. It seemed to help :)