Oh Christmas Tree...

After Thanksgiving we finally got to decorating for the holidays!
Miles was quite excited to help!

James on the other hand, just wanted to spend time in his crib with his plug. He's only allowed to have it if he's in his crib, so he likes to frequent his crib whenever he gets frustrated.

But eventually he came out and fell in love with the tree! And all the ornaments. He often pulls them off the tree!

And finally, the star fot the top of the tree!

Our TREE (pre-star)!

And with all the Christmas music, I had a great time decorating also!
Gold glittery snow flakes all over the walls.

And our mistle-toe ball!
Miles REALLY got a kick out of this! I almost got knocked off the chair I was standing on to hang it, when he ran over, grabbed my legs and gave me a kiss!

And more snow flakes in the dining room!
Let it snow, I LOVE snow for the holidays!

And one last SWEET photo of James on our way home from Thanksgiving in the cities. It was an exciting, busy, and long weekend, and boy was he tired!
Hope everyone else has been having a great time shopping and decorating!!

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