Easy Christmas Ornament Project

I wanted Miles to make some Christmas ornaments for his teachers.
So this is an easy project, and even James got to have a little fun!
I got a large bag of colored puffs in a variety of sizes.

And some clear glass ornaments.

Then Miles stuffed puffs into the ornaments.
He really likes purple and pink, so they seemed to dominate.

I put the tops back on...

...we'll add some bows, and there they are!

Since I didn't dare trust James with glass ornaments, I took a juice container, stuffed some puffs inside, gave him a bowl...

...and it made for one very impressed little boy.
He LOVED dumping them out! Some were too big to just fall out so he had to use his little fingers to pick them out, a great way to strengthen his fingers for future writing!
We have more projects on the way!!


  1. I know have plans. Thanks for the idea....

  2. Clever project!

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  3. Those look sooo cute! looks like they had fun...