What I've been cooking up.

Maybe you've noticed I haven't been blogging as frequently...
...no, not cooking James. But I was doing a little baking tonight. I had wanted to spend most of Tuesday doing that, but Miles' preschool was canceled and I had him home with me until 11, so we spent some time together. Well, kind of...
About 2-3 months ago I took a casual position at the hospital, in OB again, then a regular position opened up and was offered to me. Well, I haven't been working the schedule too long, but have quickly realized that 12 hour days and nights are not for me. The shifts are just a VERY small part of my reasons to look elsewhere. I was dreading going to work, I mean REALLY dreading it...
Any how, I applied for a home health RN case manager position, not sure I would even get a call, due to never working outside of OB. And after two interview Thanksgiving week, I received an offer yesterday! This is huge! Since it's not a hospital position that means Monday thru Friday day shifts!! And I won't have to do weekends anymore!!! (Okay I will have to be on call like every 6th weekend, but much more tolerable than every other.)
So I accepted the position yesterday afternoon, and put in my resignation to the hospital today. I made myself sick worrying about telling them. OB has had two other resignations this past month! And it was awful! The person I had to give my letter to, wouldn't even look at me. I guess it makes my decision to leave a little easier.
I'm excited an nervous. A major change. I think I know what Miles is feeling now!
So I'll start the new job in 2-4 weeks.

Some other things I've been working on...

...this little quilt for Miles. I had bought some flannel and chenille before he was born and am finally making something for him. I've only made two quilts before and they were 7 years ago. I'm just going to tie this and will go to the quilt shop next week to get help binding it. I'm also hoping to whip up a little "lovey" for James. I have some red minky and blue flannel and an insane amount of ribbon. We'll see, I know I'll get Miles' done for Christmas, but not sure about James'.

My Christmas shopping is DONE!! Was really done 2 weeks ago, except I was waiting for a couple things to come in the mail and they've finally arrived. I've even managed to get some things wrapped. I just have to make sure the gifts stay under the tree. James has been taking some for a ride in his dump truck, resulting in "missing" presents. So far I've been able to find them.

I'm heading to the cities tomorrow with the guys. Ben gets to stay back and hopefully clean or paint our bedroom.

The boys will stay with my parents and I'm off for an annual scrapbooking retreat with 3 wonderful ladies. I'm needing to get away and hopefully relax! I was pretty wound up earlier, but after making some oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter and chocolate bars, I feeling much more relaxed. Now I need to get off this computer and pack myself.

The old laptop is heading in for some repairs before our warranty expires at the end of the year (one of the hinges is broken), so I may be away for a while. At least not posting, but will still see comments and such.

Speaking of comments, what gives? I see all of you stopping for visits, but not very many comments. I LOVE comments!

So leave me a note, how do you manage stress? What do you like to do to unwind?? and I'll see you soon!


  1. Congratulations miss Liz!! sure hope this new job will be good for you! you are just too darn creative and ambitious to do all your baking *and* make a couple blankets!! have fun this coming weekend...

  2. YUM! I cannot wait to eat all of those yummy desserts! Also excited to hear about all of the excitement going on in your life! I can give you a little binding tutorial this weekend and save you a trip to the quilt shop! Talk to you soon!

  3. You must put a picture of me on your new desk! I am so excited for you and I am almost jealous!!!

  4. CONGRATS on the new job!!!

  5. Lizzy Pooh, where are you? I bet it is better to only have 1 job now, right?