How now brown cow...

We've recently entered a new phase of preschool-hood...
Most questions and inquiries I know how to answer without a problem.
Today was different. I definetly wasn't on my "A" game. I like to think I'm careful with my answers, but today...
Miles: "Mommy, do brown cows make brown milk?"
Mommy: *remember, I'm a city girl, and was doing laundry "No, black and white cows make white milk. Brown cows give us meat, like hamburger."
*omg, WHAT???? What was I thinking??*
Miles: After several minutes, "does it come from their butts?"
Mommy: After laughing uncontrollably and more aware of what I was saying, "No, it doesn't come from their butts."
Miles: "Then where does hamburger come from?"
Mommy: "Umm, let's call Tami, she grew up on a farm with cows!"
Thank GOD for Tami!!
She informed me that brown cows also give us milk. Enough said...
Mommy: "Tami, says brown cows give us white milk too!"
Miles: "Oh. So where do hamburgers come from?"
Mommy: "The store."
Miles: "Oh, right, the store."
I have got to be more careful!

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  1. Evan asked the same questions years ago, funny! I recall I answered no the milk man makes the brown milk. Enough said, because he never asked another question.