Oops, where'd June go??

Wow! A whole month flew by!
I did try to post but was having troubles getting photos to upload onto blogger.
Anyway, seems like I have tons of not much to report.
We just spent the fourth of July weekend in Marshall. My parents joined us for a fun day at Independence Park. Miles made a short lived attempt at fishing in the kids fishing contest. Didn't have any bait and he was only really interested in reeling his line in.
Then everyone flew kites. It was pretty neat to see so many kites in the air!
And we ended the day with fireworks.
On Saturday we looked at few houses with my parents, and after lunch they went home. It was pretty interesting trying to get the boys to nap in Ben's tiny little motel room (aka his new home until ours sells).

We've had a lot of showings, even a second showing, but no sale yet. Ben's first day in Marshall is tomorrow, I think he'll be pretty busy these first few weeks. He even has a council meeting his first day! The boys and I are heading up to my parents for a couple nights and then I'll look forward to being home for a while.

Speaking of the boys. They are growing up! Quite the handfuls.

James is TROUBLE! He gets a laugh out of making Miles mad. And usually does the opposite of what I say. But boy can he turn on the charm. He's a cuddler! So who can stay mad at him!

And of big boy Miles is really making strides in potty training. He's finally telling us when he has to go. He went to see his first movie in the theater, and told us during the movie!

And he says the funniest things!!


Miles: "Mommy, you stay here."

Mommy: "Okay, why am I staying here?"

Miles: "I have to go to work."

Mommy: "You have to go to work? Where are you going to work?"

Miles: "I'm going to work in Mankato."

Mommy: "Oh, you're going to work in Mankato?"

Miles: "Yes, I'm going to pick up babies."

Mommy: "What?? You're going to pick up babies?"

Miles: "Yes, and put them in my tummy."

Mommy: "Oh, like Mommy? You're to help babies get out their mommies tummies?"

Miles: "Yes, and I'm going to pick them up and put them in my tummy."

Mommy: "But your tummy is pretty little."

Miles: "It will stretch. Good bye mommy!"

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  1. Oh momma, I have taken after you have have started to blog. I think your boys are growing way to fast. Miles looks way too much like a big kids.