Weekends are now packed with family time. The boys get in as much time with Ben as they can before he heads back to Marshall during the week.
Miles and Ben made this little chalk man.

Ben misses the boys and they miss him. Of course I do too!!

Miles turns 3 next week!

We have a small party planned at my parents. And he already got a new bike from us.

He LOVES it! Rode across town with Ben on Sunday. And wants to ride it everyday.

James is finally starting to find his words. Thank goodness!

Now we just have to learn more so we can decrease his frustration level.

He's definitely a mama's boy. Loves to cuddle and read books.

Don't get me wrong, he's also VERY tough. Lots of bumps and bruises being the little brother, but he only cries if I'm close and watching. So I pretend not to see!

Looks like a busy couple months ahead!!

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