Life with boys

Miles and James are finally "playing" together. Well, James climbs on Miles, laughs, and Miles moves over. Or Miles is playing with a toy, James comes along so Miles puts the toy up where little brother can't reach, and either James pesters Miles until he gets it, or throws himself down and has a tantrum.

A little out of focus, but what a great big smile!!

Miles was pretty sick this past week. He hardly ever gets sick, so as he was going on second day of not eating, fever, and crying every time he coughed, to the doctor we went.

Turns out his tonsils were so swollen they were touching. Poor guy! Wasn't strep, but started antibiotics anyhow. Looking at his chart, he just gets sick once a year! Wish James had his immune system!

He's feeling much better now, but i have to admit, it was kind of nice when he was laying on the couch, calm and quiet.

Cars, trucks, tractors, and helicopters.

We can't have enough!!

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  1. Gee, you`ve got a lot going on. Congratulatios to Ben on the interviews, I knew he`d get the job. The boys pictures are great and you`re doing terrific with this blog. Best of luck with selling and purchasing a home.

    Love to all, Mom