Sorry Mom!

Introducing... my new, beautiful, studio!!
I'm calling it a studio because I plan to do more than just scrap in it (see my sewing machine)! I had this cozy little cubby area on our third level, but no windows and minimal light made it a less than great place to work. So after talking with the hubby, we decided to swap out my craft area and the guest room. Sorry Mom!
Since the guest room was only really getting used once every month or two, we moved it upstairs.

It has taken a while to get moved in and organized but what fun!! So my table is an old door from our previous house with a thick plexi-glass top. And a super cute cover!

I got these glass cookie jars from Walmart, super cheap, and they're perfect for ribbon and embroidery floss.

I love seeing all the things I have, so jars are great!

Paper heaven!!!

I do still need to put some stuff on the walls... I'll post more pictures soon! Oh and I already created a little monster, Miles named him Ted, in my new room. I get a picture of him up soon too!

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  1. Gee... can hardly wait to meet Ted the monster taking over my/our room. Well you have less than 2 weeks to have the upstairs guest room ready. The studio looks very nice, I hope you get real good at sewing. Then you can teach me. See you soon.
    Love MOM