Christmas Morning!
After some convincing, Ben finally got Miles to put out some cookies for Santa. He seemed just a bit disappointed in the morning when they were actually gone.

Miles was pretty excited to see what Santa left in his stocking.

A boy cannot have enough planes, trains, and automobiles!

Great Grandma Pam got the boys these super warm and cute matching jammies. Miles would prefer to stay in his jammies all day.

Alrighty, so a big little update. Finally got my computer up and running... today. Took way too long. I worked over Christmas, but we managed to celebrate with Ben's family, have our own little gift opening, and later in the week we went up to my parents.

Miles' independence has reached new heights. He doesn't even want his diaper changed unless it's his idea! And man is he a hoarder!! He packed his firetruck and dump truck full of toys! (James is not allowed to touch these two vehicles)! And a week or so after Christmas I found my cell phone bill and a couple of Christmas cards (that were to be outgoing) in his "mailbox" (a lidded wicker basket). There was quite a melt down when we had to bring the late cards to the post office!

James is trying very hard to catch up with Miles. He took his first steps just after Christmas!!! Fortunately he's pretty cautious so other than a couple steps here and there... oh who am I kidding... he tries to RUN!! That's the only reason he hasn't gotten this walking thing down. And the peanut has his two bottom teeth, is eating table food. Oh and at his 9 month check-up is still 90% in height and 75% in weight.

Both boys have had their share of illnesses this season. Miles' never seem that long or bad only because every time James gets sick, he ends up having to see the doctor. Gotta love those daycare germs.

Ben was putting in some extra time at work in December, but ended 2007 and start 2008 with a much needed break.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and I'm up and running again, so stop back soon!!

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