Computer Hospital

I do plan on posting again!! Our laptop is currently at the computer hospital getting fixed and should be well again within the next 3 weeks!

Everyone is doing well and healthy for the moment. We had a nice little run of the stomach flu! First Miles the day after Thanksgiving, Ben 2 days after that, James the next night, Louise 2 days later, Bob the next day, and then about a week after that, me! Gotta love those germs!!

But, the Christmas tree is up! I finally broke down and got an artificial tree... and a spruce sented candle. The tree looks very nice and the boys leave it alone! Miles and James got to see Santa 2 days in a row! Miles was a big talker before we left the house, he was going to tell Santa all sorts of things... of course when we got there he was silent and serious. He sat on Santa's lap though. James cried!

Oh and Miles is practicing his parenting skills! The other day he wanted James to, "come here, come here James, James, James, JAMES!!" Then he went over to a confused James and in his ear said, "James, listen with your ear!" And yesterday James got ahold of a cord, Miles said, "no, no James," took the cord away and gave him a toy. James didn't want the toy, so back to the cord... Mr. Mom was there again, he said, "no, no James, not a toy," and then proceeded to swat James on the butt! It took a lot for me to keep a straight face while I explained to Miles that only mommies and daddies swat bottoms and that James was too little for that... I got a quick, "uh-huh, no touching cords."

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Pictures to be posted soon!!

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  1. Gee, that Miles sure is trying to help. It will be interesting to see how James reacts when he gets a little older.

    Hope the computer gets out of the hospital soon. It must of gotten the same flu bug as the rest of the family. Glad you are all feeling better. Take Care, Love you all MOM