Overdue Update!!

So I'm a little overdue for an update on all that's been happening! We had a nice little summer cold sweep the house. Ben's just getting over that... James and I had it a couple weeks ago. Ben has been out in the workshop the nights I don't work finishing up his bar. This is his first project without time restraints... unlike refinishing James' bedroom door. He's obsessing over the Vikings preseason, and I'll probably loose him to the workshop once the season actually starts.
I continue to commute up to Mankato for work. I currently work 24 hours/week, but try to pick up a shift here and there. As usual, I wish there were more time to do all the things I want to do, but at least I have things to do, right? I off on a road trip with Erin next weekend. No plans, just getting in her jeep and heading down the Mississippi! Should be fun, but am going to miss my boys!! I also went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago, just for a check-up (have tons of moles). They took a few biopsies and they came back severely atypical, so I was just back in on Tuesday and had more tissue removed. They'll send that in for testing, to make sure they got everything, and I'll go in in every 3 months for check-ups now. I had a mini-meltdown about all that, but sounds like it's all pretty common, and what does worrying do anyways!
I can hardly believe fall's almost here!! My favorite season, and more fun with my guys!! Playing in the leaves, pumpkins, Halloween!!
Miles continues to make us laugh everyday. Last night at supper he let the whole neighborhood hear him sing "Hot Diggity Dog" as we ate hot dogs. He talks and talks and talks... and gets very frustrated when we don't understand him. We had started "potty training", which has been more mommy and daddy training. I know it's a little early, we're not pushing it, but he does go pee in the potty. Just doesn't tell us if he has to go.
Grandpa Bob is definitely influencing his cleanliness. Wednesday afternoon we were off for a walk with the boys... Ben had left some sawdust on the floor of the garage and Miles wanted to clean it up right away. Ben tried to get him in the stroller and told him we'd clean it up after the walk, but Miles really wanted to do it right then!! He started crying... needless to say, we swept the garage before the walk. Once it was all clean, he climbed right into the stroller without fuss!
And Miles big boy bed present started off great, but has now turned into quite the challenge! Initially he'd crawl right in, and stay in until we came in the room. HA! Not any more! He's realized he can get out on his own. We had put a safety gate outside his door, so he can't roam the house, but that doesn't keep him in bed! We frequently find him standing at the gate with sad little puppy eyes. When we tell him to go to bed, he shuts the door, turns on his fan and gets back in bed. Unfortunately, he only lays there about a minute before getting out, turning off the fan and is back at the gate. He's also realized that we won't make him stay in a poopy diaper, so he usually does that at some point so we have to change him. But being the helpful little guy he is, he's started getting all the changing supplies out for us!! Tuesday night he stripped all the sheets off his bed...and the past three nights has fallen asleep in the floor! I have no idea what is going on in that little head! Too much!

And little peanut James! He continues to grow! Loves to eat, just like Miles! But seems to have to talk while eating. Did I mention he's a screamer? Yep, a happy screamer! Shrieks of delight are always coming from his way. I suppose he has to be noisy to be heard over Miles. He's working hard on teeth, tons of drool! He rolls over, won't sit up yet though. I think he could, but he usually is trying to get something or somewhere, so won't just sit. He's not crawling yet, but scooches around on his tummy. He absolutely LOVES being naked! After his bath, before his jammies come on, he's in naked baby heaven! Smiles, shrieks, giggles... and he fights us to get dressed! He also LOVES his big brother. Miles doesn't pay him very much attention yet, but when he does James' face lights up!
We're blessed with two happy and healthy boys that are keeping us very busy!

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