Photoshoot in Fairmont

Miles was due for his 2 year pictures, and James is coming up on 6 months, and I wanted some pictures of the two of them together...
...so Tami and her girls, and the boys and I headed over to Lincoln Park in Fairmont. Super photographer Ana came and took pictures. I believe there were over 400 pictures shot!!
They turned out great, and it was tons of fun!! I ordered some, those I'll be sending out soon, but here's some fun ones for all to peek at!!
We will have to attempt photos of the boys together another time. Miles wanted to run around, and James kept flopping over after I'd get him sat up. But I love this one...

True to Miles' water loving personality, his favorite part was the little fountain!

Classic Miles!!

Just love pictures of him playing!

Poor James just had to sit in the stroller and watch the rest of the kids play!

But Ana had a little fun with him!!

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