The mosquitoes have arrived in full force, and Miles took a beating! Literally!! He woke up with a swollen eye. The poor guy, when he gets bit, they turn into welts, hence his eye. There are a few on the back of his neck, hand, wrist, arms... Unfortunately he starting itching them, so some are looking even worse! Time to stay inside for a while!!

And here's a picture I took last week when he was off to ride his horse. In full gear! He later wore that hat on his trike ride up to the coffee shop.

And my little James!

I'm already having anxiety about leaving him this weekend. Erin and I are off on our road trip, which I'm very excited about, but also sad to leave my little guy. Miles is going to stay at my parents and James will stay home with Ben. I'm sure there will be frequent phone calls to both my parents house and home!!

He's still working hard on mobility, VERY close! And has no patience while eating. I can't shovel the cereal in fast enough. Just like Miles!

New posts of my trip next week!!

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