Just a Pinch

Before we went to California and before the cold and rain came... We took a trip out to the apple orchard! Fun, Fun! I tried my hand at homemade applesauce. It was really simple, I only added a pinch of cinnamon! I was a little disappointed with my 6 jars! I stared with a TON of apples!
Miles started preschool! Check out last years photo here. He was just to the bottom of the "R!" This year he is going 3 half days. New teachers, but some of the same friends! But decision at the end of this year to start kindergarten or do another year of preschool. Since he turns 5 in early August he could either way. Any suggestions or advice?

The theme was cowboys and cowgirls! Miles spent quite a bit of time brushing this little pony.

On another note, I plan to post some photos soon of the kitchen curtains I made, and some projects I've been working on. Last week my sewing machine pooped out. So I took my sweet hubby to the fabric store to check out the Baby Locks! He wasn't as excited as I was. But the seed is planted... however I have a sewing weekend coming up in a couple weeks and will need one. Sooo...
In the meantime I have been making baby blankets at church with one of the donation machines. Works well. We donate our blankets, bibs, quilts, and such to local organizations. Helps keep me motivated and gives me a break from whatever I'm working on at home.

So there! Just a pinch of fall so far. Sounds like it may be short, flurries expected in the next couple days! Blah!

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