I LOVE fall! Pumpkins, leaves, cool, crisp weather, definitely my favorite!
Miles had a field trip to the preschool directors' farm and made this guy.
Whoa! I just realized we haven't named him yet!

We have decorated the backyard! I know, who's going to see it. We are! There's a nice big bay window in back, so we can see this guy while we're eating. Miles' request. This morning scarecrow guy was covered in snow! WHAT?! As I stated above, "I LOVE fall!" Not winter! But it's all gone now and I am hoping it will stay away for a little while.

Here's a shot of the curtains I made above the sink. I also made some for the bay window in the same fabric, but I can't seem to get a good photo of those. Too much light during the day, and my flash bounces off the window at night. But you can get the idea!

And the sweet Baby just got out of the box! I cannot describe how excited I am about it! And a little nervous! It's like a new car! I want to show it off, but I'm afraid something might happened to it if I take it out too much. AAHHHH! I'm so happy! Can't wait to show you what I do with it! Oh and more project photos to come!

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