3 stitches at 3AM

Miles was having bad dreams about monsters last night, and after waking up screaming 3 times, he fell out of bed and hit his nightstand... ...so at 3 AM we went to the emergency room for 3 stitches.

He was a very tough boy, no tears at the hospital. They used EMLA cream for 20 minutes and didn't even have to use lidocaine! He was great, except as we were walking out of the ER, he tripped and almost fell. The nurses laughed and said, "see you soon!"


  1. he looks pretty proud of his stitches! Boy's are like that. We've had one with 38 stitches, one with 6, and three with tooth accidents. Never a dull moment :)

  2. Life with boys! I have 8 of them and they never cease to amaze me! Can't even be sure they are quiet when there are sleeping!:) He looks like he is doing well now!
    Have a good weekend!