What I've been up to...

It's been a little while, well, maybe not, but seems that way.
Besides having a mild dose of the plague, I have managed to get some things done, and have so much more planned!
We went back to Blue Earth this weekend and took some more things from the house. For those that don't know we have a house for sale there and are currently in a rental in Marshall. I wasn't going to do any decorating in the rental, but it was starting to drive me bonkers knowing I had these cute things I wasn't enjoying.

So on the wall they went. And I swear they are not all crooked like they look in this photo!

This sweet little thing makes me smile. Bringing this back was a special request from Miles. He LOVES making up songs while playing. Just hoping someday they sound a little better.

And on my night stand are my current reads. Yes, two books at the same time. And there's always a magazine if I need a lighter read.

On my dresser I have a couple second hand store finds.

On a completely different note, I decided to hit the deck and get a kids eye view. The boys spend so much time playing in the floor, especially Miles, he'll set up these farms over and over again.
I think he has to because James ends up sitting on them.

And plans!! I'm making turkey chili tonight, then after supper Miles has floor hockey.

I also baked a pie pumpkin which I'll use to make my first ever pumpkin pie later this week. I volunteered to make the pies for Thanksgiving so I better test out my recipe!

Wednesday I'm off to Sioux Falls for an appointment and finish up my Christmas shopping. Then Thursday evening I plan to work on a couple gifts for the boys at the fabric shop.

I have a TON of cookie recipes I'm dying to try out, some more photos to hang, and the usual never ending mountain of laundry and cleaning.

What are you all up to??


  1. sorry i can't go with to sioux falls...that would have been fun. we'll have to plan another shopping trip together soon...