New spin on bunk beds!

We have this built in entertainment center. Too small for our giant TV, so we store toys in it. Well, I guess the boys got to thinking they'd like bunk beds, because this is where I found them the other evening.I supposed it may be frowned upon if I had them sleep there, so we'll just let them play.
And don't worry that cable line is disconnected. And they are supervised while play in there.

I was especially amazed at the last photo. They both fit on the top shelf! Yep, little contortionists! James was folded in half!

I love that they're playing together so much! Our current "problem" is Miles bossing James around. And when James doesn't do what Miles wants, Miles just keeps telling him over and over again in a louder voice. And it quickly escalates to two screaming kids. Augh!
I am battling a nasty cold, which makes me thankful the weather has been to icky to go outside. But I think the guys are getting a bit tired of being inside.


  1. My children do that too. They also love to empty cupboards and crawl in them. What's up with that :)

  2. I recently came across a couple of colorful designs on more bunk beds and kids bedroom furniture.