Farming 101

Introducing... ...the Kid-Whisperer!
(also known as uncle Mike)
We took a day trip up to Clinton and Graceville, MN for Ben's Grandpa's birthday. And no trip is complete without a visit to Ben's aunt Jeanine and uncle Mike's farm.

The fun is limitless!
And uncle Mike is very willing to let the boys thoroughly check EVERYTHING out!

Of course the first thing Miles spied was uncle Mike's tractor!
This one was hooked up to the grain bin.

But the big one wasn't!!
Miles got to drive!
With a some occasional steering assistance to avoid the barn.
Oh, and he even got to change gears!
Even James got a ride, warmed up quick to Mike, and started talking.
Although I heard Mike wasn't too sure what language James speaks.
Of course I had to try some posy photos, but since they can't really sit still, this was the best of it.

Then Miles got to feed the horses.
He made sure to kneel just like uncle Mike, and threw out apples and corn for them.

I forget what we decided to call this...
...I believe we came up with hay cage, which I'm sure is not it's proper name.
Here, it's a Miles cage!
We needed to leave for Great Grandpa Ralph's birthday party, but before we went, Mike came with the four wheeler to drive Miles back to the van (which was parked 3 feet away).
Not sure which is the kid in this photo!!

After the party we went back, we were waiting...
James kept picking up Boxelder bugs and giving them to Mike. "Dare dis!" he'd shout. Poor little bugs never made it to Mike's hand alive.

Then Mike put on his waders and went out into lake to grab a minnow trap. James thought that was pretty cool and touch the little minnows. Miles on the other hand stood back, "they might get my shoes!"
We also found a frog and really icky water beetle.

And finally what we'd been waiting for!!
Miles quickly retreated into TV mode (you know, that glassed over face, and instant deafness), and sat on the grass and watched the guys back it off the trailer.
I don't think his day could have gone any better!
A huge THANK YOU to Mike and Jeanine!!
We had a great time and can't wait to come back in the spring!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Boys act like it's heaven when their on a farm, don't they :)

  2. Oh how fun. How is work going. I continue to miss you. I am taking on teaching and my masters work in the spring. I may need to up grade my meds. HA>

  3. Thank you for leaving a comment,and the encouragement. It is good to know what I am saying is making sense to someone other than me :)