Argh! Impossible Pirates!

Really, they were just playing the role, right?
No matter what I tried these little pirates would NOT cooperate for photos!
They just couldn't stand still, but maybe it was due to their sea-legs...
I used some parts of Ben's old pirates costume, along with some thrift store shirts.
I really cannot stand those store bought costumes.
Miles even let me put some make-up on him!!

Little pirate James, drunk on candy??

We went to one house before going to a party at the Christian center.
The boys don't quite get the whole collect the candy thing.
They feel they need to eat it as they get it...
At one point we lost James, but trying to stay calm I said, the balloon, he has a yellow balloon, look for that. We looked, and no yellow balloon in site...

...we found him, by the music (duh!), with his balloon pulled down to his level.

After we left to party we stopped at the Mayor Bob's house. Poor James had to get out of the car seat to find out no one was home, and the bowl of candy left out was empty...
...back to the car.

So we tried on more house, he was mad, didn't want to get out of the car, then I said, "James, let's go get some candy." "DANDY!" And up the walk he ran. He was at the door before Miles was out of the car! Hilarious!
And Miles won a little race car at the party. He had to pick out a key and try to unlock a door, he did it! Unfortunately, I turned to tie that balloon on James, turned back around to find Ben crouching down by a crying Miles. "What happened?" Ben said, Miles was trying to take someones car. Ben didn't see Miles win the car, thought he was taking it and starting lecturing him on stealing. Poor Miles was speechless and could only cry. So I cleared that up while James wandered off!

Quite an eventful night, but isn't it always with rowdy Pirates!


  1. I am so frightened. oHHHH. HE. No the camera is not broken, just slacking a bit.

  2. those are the cutest pirates I have ever seen! Isn't it amazing the kind of "excitement" we have on halloween these days!

  3. The costumes turned out great! I had a great time playing with James on Friday. I think I need to come over more often!