Some Weekend Family Favs!

We were at my parents this weekend and finally remembered to take some photos.
Mostly in part of Great Grandma Diane, she's been wanting a family photo to update the 8x10 on their wall (and it's a really awful one, so I was game).
We took a ton of them, but getting 4 adults and 2 kids to look, smile, and keep their eyes open, only leaves a few. There were some better than this one, but I this is the only one with both boys smiling (even though James is looking up at Ben) so it's my fave!

Not sure which is funnier, Miles' super cheesy smile, or Mom singing one of her MANY songs to try to get the boys to smile.

The boys worked VERY hard together "putting together" the train tracks.

Or Miles and Grandpa put the tracks together while James played and kept sitting on the tracks causing horrible derailments.

Ring around the rosy...

Only Miles fell down!

Little Bug Boy.
Grandma Mary was holding James when he saw a daddy long legs on the chair. Of course he started poking it and Grandma quickly removed herself from the equation. The spider is hiding from James' curious fingers. He can see it and was saying, "dare dis!"

Okay, I know I'm bias but that is one of the cutest smiles EVER!!!

This just makes me smile.

Hmmm, who's having more fun here, Grandpa Paul or Miles?

And this would be the other greatest smile!

Miles' giggles are seriously contagious!!


  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun over the weekend! The boys are getting sooo big...so grown up! Love the family photo.

  2. holy cow, you are a spitting image of both your parents.....

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  4. Love the pictures. especially the the boys holding hand. We miss you all alreay.

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