Pre-Halloween Horror

Just a little pre-Halloween horror. Or so it appears!
I just have to laugh, it looks like my sweet James ate someone!
Don't worry just red paint.

And I had to keep the red eye for true demon effect!

It's even in his teeth!

I "learned" from the last painting to limit his colors, so I only gave him red, orange, and yellow.

And his wooden heart for Grandma and Grandpa's birthday was a masterpiece!

On another note, I've started orientation at the hospital, which is full time days (not what I will be working), so I haven't been able to post much. I wake around 5:30am, get home around 4:00, feed the family, try to play with the boys a bit, get them to bed, and don't have much energy left, so head to bed by 9:30 at latest. Tonight after work I also had CPR recertification, blah!

So how do all you busy mom's juggle?

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  1. I have no idea, especially with 4 of them. Just had a conversation with one of Sidneys' friends mom regarding the same. She has got her 2 kids in everything, she asked how I do it all, I responded, my kids are not in everything, just 1 thing each. Thats how I do it.